Strength and Wellness

Strength and Wellness programming is available to a range of clients:

  • People with mastectomy or chest surgery who want to achieve fitness goals of strength, range of motion, and manage back/shoulder pain risks.
  • People with family members or friends who have had cancer and want to set up their own optimal health program to manage their own cancer risks.
  • People who are adopted or do not have any family medical history and want to set up their own optimal health program.
  • People with medical concerns who want help with safe and healthy weight loss.
  • Cancer survivors who are discharged from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Whether or not you are in treatment with physical therapy, this can complement your rehab or we can schedule your program to start after your physical therapy.

Please contact us with your inquiries so we can see how we might fit into your strength and wellness goals.

Our notes: Exercise and massage work with your body at the mechanical level. Nutrition and supplements supports your work with great results at the cellular level. If you want to learn more about the customized nutraceuticals that have shown great results in changing Dale’s health and diminished her lymphedema symptoms, please visit our supplements shop and contact us for a personalized consult. We want to do your individual consultation to create your optimal health and wellness program for you.

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