Our Team

Dale Perry  A certified family nurse practitioner with a special interest and long career in women’s health, Dale Perry earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Pace University Graduate School of Nursing in New York in 1978.  Since becoming a nutraMetrix Health Practitioner, Perry specializes in wellness consulting primarily in the areas of anti-aging, genetic testing, healthy weight loss and post-cancer treatment. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Perry is uniquely qualified to share her expertise and give hope to women dealing with lymphedema in the Strength After Cancer program.  She remains active as a national speaker in organizations that support women’s health.

Jennifer Cheng  A fitness specialist and wellness consultant, Jennifer Cheng uses the exercise systems of Power Plate, Pilates, and yoga-inspired strength training for whole-body movement analysis.  She has received training and mentorship from rehab specialists in Europe and New York City.  With over 8 years of experience training a variety of clients – athletes, cancer survivors, and seniors with severe injuries – Cheng enjoys teaching fitness with creative imagery and laughter.  The early experience of losing college professors and friends to cancer has motivated Jennifer to create the Strength After Cancer program.  As a wellness consultant, Cheng is also a weight loss coach and enjoys teaching her clients with science and mind-body-spirit education to help them live better longer.


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